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UPS Takes Action Against Fraud

Business runs on information, and making sure your data is safe is absolutely critical. UPS is committed to helping you protect your account information and keeping your transactions secure.

We are vigilant in proactively implementing processes that reduce the risk of fraud, and we'll work with you to help you steer clear of problems.

Account Number Protection
Similar to your checking account number appearing on your personal checks, it's not whether the account number is visible, but it's how the account number is protected behind-the-scenes that really matters. UPS uses sophisticated protection measures to safeguard the account number from unauthorised use.

Online Protection
When you ship online through UPS Internet Shipping or through UPS WorldShip™;software, enhanced authentication requirements allow us to confirm your identity. Additional layers of security are also required for ordering supplies, and using UPS Delivery Intercept™;.

Payment Card Protection
The ups.com website is encrypted with a 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to protect account and payment card (for example, a debit or credit card) information. We match payment card information to the payment card billing address, and investigate any unauthorized charges that may be reported.

Identifying and Reducing Threats
We use sophisticated trend and data analysis to identify fraud. Our participation in a cyberspace fraud task force keeps us well informed on the issues affecting the postal and shipping industry globally.

Site Validation
UPS uses extended validation certificates from VeriSign Inc., to help customers protect their personal information when using ups.com. Browsers that support extended validation certificates will display our company's name (United Parcel Service Inc.) in the browser's address bar. Depending on the browser type, the address bar may be shaded green or the company name may appear in green.

This graphic display assures the user that ups.com has undergone additional validation and that UPS is the owner of this website.
This will only be visible on secure pages on the website (address lines that begin with https.)

Any browser that does not support extended validation certificates will continue to function, but it will not present this extended validation indicator.
Examples of Extended Validation Certificates in Common Browsers
If the browser supports extended validation certificates, the address bar will display the company name, United Parcel Service Inc., and some variation of green highlight in the address bar (Note: in the Safari browser, the company name is highlighted in green when your mouse hovers over the name). See below examples of the display for the most common web browsers.

Internet Explorer



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