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TNT Corporate Responsibility

At TNT Express, we have a long-standing commitment both to protecting the environment, promoting social &#118alues and to conducting our operations with integrity and with respect for the interests of all our stakeholders.

We seek to make a positive impact on society through our operations and relationships, through the voluntary contributions we make to the community and through our wider engagement with society.

We are also committed to making continuous improvements in the management of our environmental impacts and to working towards our longer-term goal of developing a sustainable business.

For up-to-date stories about our projects, see the blogs posted on corporateresponsibility.tnt.com

TNT Express' commitment to corporate responsibility formally began in 2002 with its innovative partnership with the United Nations' World Food Programme (WFP). Moving the World lends TNT Express core skills, knowledge and resources to support WFP's fight against world hunger.

For four years now, our corporate responsibility programmes have earned TNT super sector leadership positions and in 2010 we achieved sector leadership position in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. In signing the UN Global Compact, TNT supports the realisation of the UN millennium goals.

Moving Forward

Express is a strong, independent company that is focused on a long-term strategy of substantial, profitable and responsible growth. Our corporate responsibility strategy is closely aligned to our future business plans and needs. We are committed to maintaining our leadership role in corporate responsibility by building on our previous successes.

TNT Express will continue to adopt a holistic approach to corporate responsibility and managing its business, one that focuses on all of its key stakeholders.

Moving the world

World hunger remains a huge problem. It is not just a matter of food shortage, the difficulty is often in distribution: getting food to those in need at the right time.

Planet Me

Protecting the planet is an essential part of our Corporate Responsibility strategy. As a transport company, we cannot ignore our impact on the environment. Our business – transporting goods by trucks and airplane – makes us a key contributor to CO2 emissions that harm our world. In fact, the transport sector as a whole accounts for ca 18% of global CO2 emission output.

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