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TNT 1994-2004,Combining,Post and Express

Founded in Australia after the second World War, TNT went Dutch in 1992 following rapid international expansion. Our history is noteworthy for decisive acquisitions and a drive for excellence - factors that make TNT Express a unique and market leading express company.

The Dutch connection
In the 1990s, the Dutch national postal company was looking to expand its business overseas. It had had a monopoly in the Netherlands for almost 200 years but, with the arrival of modern communication technology, it needed to move with the times to protect its traditional mail business. In 1989, Dutch mail became a private company called KPN, giving it more flexibility and freedom to diversify.

KPN took its first steps into the international express market in 1992 and, in 1996, acquired the TNT group, heralding a new era for the global post and express industry.

By 1998, KPN determined that the collaboration of their postal division with TNT would go it alone and divested TNT Post Group (TPG) to list independently on the stock exchanges of Amsterdam, New York, London and Frankfurt. To consolidate the brand and improve worldwide recognition, the TPG name was to be dropped in favour of TNT in 2005.

2004 | TNT Express European air hub expands
In May 2004, TPG announced major expansion of the TNT Express European air hub in Liège, Belgium.

1999 | Co-operation with Swiss Post
In November 1999, TPG and the Swiss Post established a strategic alliance in express and courier services. TPG gained access to Swiss Post's network and its highly developed technology. In turn, Swiss Post was able to connect its customers to TPG's worldwide mail, express and logistics networks. The joint venture still exists with headquarters in Switzerland.

1998 | Acquisition of Jet Services, France
In December 1998, TPG acquired the express company Jet Services S.A. in France. TPG bought 100% of the shares from Financière Jet Services S.A. Founded in 1973, Jet Services provided express services in France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, Hungary and Switzerland.

1998 | International road and air hub expansion
In April 1998, TNT opened its state-of-the-art European Express Centre (EEC) in Liège, Belgium to process all freight consignments within Europe and became the air hub link with the rest of the world. It was designed to handle 1,000 tonnes of freight per night via dedicated sorting systems and units specifically for documents, parcels and aircraft containers.
Later that year, in October 1998, a new international road hub and national depot opened in Duiven, the Netherlands.

1998 | Demerger creates TNT Post Group (TPG)
On Monday 29 June 1998, TNT Post Group (formed by TNT and PTT Post) separated from KPN. From that date, TPG stock was listed independently on the stock exchanges of Amsterdam, New York, London and Frankfurt.

1996 | Acquisition of TNT
On 2 October 1996, KPN publicly bid for TNT. The friendly take-over was completed in December 1996. Important steps were taken to integrate business activities of TNT and KPN's postal division, PTT Post. TNT's activities outside the core businesses of Mail, Express and Logistics were sold off.

1995 | KPN Flotation II
After selling another 25% of its original holding, the State of the Netherlands no longer had a controlling interest in KPN, a clear signal to the international market. The company also obtained a listing on the New York Stock Exchange, followed in 1996 by listings in Frankfurt and London.

1994 | KPN Flotation I
The State of the Netherlands sold 30% of its shares in PTT Nederland NV to KPN. The combined postal/telecommunications company known as Royal PTT Nederland NV (KPN) listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.

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